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The 8 Life Rules of a 95-Year-Old Japanese Retired Cardiologist for Happiness and Longevity

A recent visit to Osaka, Japan, was an opportunity to learn from a 95-year-old grandfather, a retired heart doctor. 

His life, infused with creativity and a sense of community, serves as an inspiring example of graceful aging.

Presented here are his eight fundamental rules for a long, joyful life:

Starting the Day with a Walk

The grandparents are habitual early risers, embarking on their daily walk around 5 a.m. 

Their walks, lasting between 30 minutes to an hour, typically involve at least 7,000 steps. 

They vary their routes, trekking through scenic trails or strolling through local neighborhoods.

Personalized Exercise Regimen

After their morning walk, he engages in a specially designed workout routine. 

It begins with stretching, followed by strength and balance exercises, carefully selected each day to suit his current physical condition, ensuring regular activity without physical strain.

Connecting with Family Online

Following his workout, he dedicates time to social media, particularly Facebook and Instagram, to connect with family and friends globally. 

This habit is especially important given the high risk of loneliness in older adults due to social isolation.

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