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Lifelong Secrets of a 95-Year-Old Former Heart Doctor from Japan

A recent visit to Osaka, Japan, provided an opportunity to spend quality time with a 95-year-old grandfather, a former cardiologist. 

His lifestyle, combining creativity and community involvement, offers a blueprint for aging gracefully and happily.

His eight indispensable rules for a long, content life include:

Early Bird Walking Routine

The grandparents start their day early, usually by 5 a.m., with a walk lasting 30 minutes to an hour, achieving at least 7,000 steps. 

Their walking paths range from mountain trails near Minoh Falls to neighborhood rounds in Ikeda, energizing their mornings.

Customized Exercise Session

After the walk, he proceeds with a workout routine designed specifically for him. 

It includes stretching followed by strength and balance exercises, chosen daily based on his physical needs, promoting activity without causing strain.

Digital Connection with Family

Once his workout is finished, he spends time on Facebook and Instagram connecting with family and friends worldwide. 

This online engagement is vital, especially considering the impact of social isolation on the emotional health of older adults.

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