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9 Key Phrases for a Stronger Relationship

In relationships, the real test is in the daily interactions between partners.

A psychologist from Harvard notes that the best relationships are those where conflicts are handled well. 

In these relationships, partners communicate with appreciation and respect, as opposed to failed relationships where poor communication and rigidity are common.

If you’re using phrases like these, your relationship is probably doing better than most:

“I appreciate your effort.”

Recognizing and appreciating the good in your partner’s actions, instead of only finding faults, is important.

Thankfulness in a relationship helps strengthen your bond and makes each person feel important.

“I like you.”

In a good relationship, you should not only love your partner but also genuinely like them. This means enjoying their unique qualities and who they are.

“Help me better understand this.”

Understanding where your partner is coming from is essential. Asking them to share their point of view can help solve disagreements and brings you closer.

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