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Emergency doctors list 7 Halloween activities kids should avoid

Halloween is a favorite for many, filled with costumes, candy, and excitement. But it’s also a peak time for accidents, with many children landing in emergency rooms. Recent data from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reveals about 3,200 children each year were treated for Halloween injuries between 2019 and 2022. The myth of candy tainted with harmful substances has been debunked.

What’s the real threat during Halloween? Doctors specialized in pediatric emergencies advise caution on these activities:

  1. Not following walking safety rules: Cars pose a significant risk to kids during Halloween. Data shows children are more likely to get hit on this day than any other. Trick-or-treating often means roaming the streets after dark, which can be dangerous. 
  1. Wearing hard-to-see costumes: Dark Halloween costumes can make children less visible to drivers. To counter this, experts suggest bright or reflective outfits. Accessories like glow sticks can also help.
  1. Heading out without light: Kids need to see their path clearly when out at night. Using a flashlight or lantern ensures they can spot obstacles and reduce the chance of trips or falls.

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