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The 9 Habits of Centenarians: How to Live a Long and Joyful Life

Delving into the lives of centenarians in the world’s Blue Zones, (places where people live longer, healthier lives) I discovered nine crucial habits shared by individuals who live past 100. These practices aren’t just about longevity; they’re about living well.

  1. Embracing Natural Movement: Daily life includes organic physical activity, like tending a garden or a leisurely stroll, rather than structured exercise routines.
  1. Living with Purpose: Whether it’s “ikigai” in Okinawa or “plan de vida” in Costa Rica, having a strong life purpose propels these individuals forward, contributing significantly to their longevity.
  1. Effective Stress Management: Even the longest-living people aren’t strangers to stress. They’ve mastered the art of managing stress through various techniques, recognizing its potential harm.

Click here to see all nine life-extending habits.


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