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Breakfast of Longevity: Eat Like Those Who Live Past 100

In search of a breakfast that supports a long life? Look no further than Nicoya, Costa Rica, where the locals’ morning routine might hold the key to longevity.

The Nicoyans begin their day with traditional cooking methods, preparing bean stew, handmade tortillas, and brewing robust coffee.

Health Perks of Nicoya’s Breakfast

The tortillas, made with whole grains and low sugar, are a perfect source of complex carbs. Adding wood ash to the corn dough enhances their nutritional content, making vitamins and amino acids more available.

The meal’s black beans are akin to blueberries in antioxidant content and are excellent for maintaining heart health and regulating blood sugar.

Together, beans and rice provide a complete protein, supplying all the amino acids needed for the body.

Plus, their locally brewed “peaberry” coffee offers antioxidants and a metabolism boost.

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