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Three Common Items Pediatricians Say Are Harmful to Children

Pediatricians are raising concerns about everyday items that are increasingly causing injuries among children. As they continually encounter cases that shock even seasoned medical professionals, three products, in particular, have been identified as more problematic.

#1. Powerful desk toy magnets: Dr. Leah Middelberg from an Ohio hospital emphasizes the dangers of these small, strong magnets, often used as adult stress-relievers. 

When ingested or wrongly used by children, they can lead to severe complications. A study involving 25 U.S. children’s hospitals noted hundreds of incidents over three years. 

One incident involved a child named Brody Franzen, who swallowed two magnets in school and needed immediate medical attention.

This is just one of the many items that pose risks…

[Click here to uncover the full list of dangers.]


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