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“Bed Rotting”: TikTok’s Cozy Trend Explained

Ever had one of those days where the comfort of your bed is just too irresistible? Sure, traditionally we might’ve dubbed it a ‘duvet day’, but Gen Z’s got a fresh take: “bed rotting.”

Wondering where this even sprouted from? Well, with a whopping 32.9 million TikTok posts by September 20, this trend is gathering momentum. But what’s the real deal with spending hours on end snuggled in bed? Let’s delve into what the experts say.

So, What’s Bed Rotting?

A day in, day out lounging in your cozy bed – from indulging in series marathons to some light-hearted scrolling and snacking. Sound familiar? TikTok calls it “bed rotting”. The goal? Recharging those drained batteries after endless days of hustle.

But Is Lounging in Bed All Day Even Good?

Well, here’s the scoop. Occasionally zoning out and unwinding in bed can be refreshing. But keep a few things in check. Know the ‘why’ behind your bed days, the duration, and how often you’re doing it. Dr. Jen Caudle highlights that these comfy days can turn problematic if they’re more about avoiding life than recharging.

[Dive deep into the “Bed Rotting” universe here.]


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